Care of Ying Fa Products

Yingfa 'Escolar' Racing Swimsuit - Black with Green Stitching  - Female Racing  - 937-2 - FINA Approved  Swimming Costumes

The chlorine in swimming pool water will cause your swimwear to deteriorate. How fast this occurs varies according to frequency of wear, the amount or strenghth of chlorine in the water and how you care for for you swimwear after swimming. Here are some tips to get the most from your Ying Fa swimwear:

  1. Rinse your swimsuit ASAP after you have worn it. After you have worn your swimsuit in training or in your race make sure you remove it straight away and rinse it in cold fresh water and lay flat to dry. This is  very important for racing costumes as they are made from very thin Spandex fabric. Remaining in your race costume all day will cause the costume to deteriorate quickly.
  2. Avoid rough surfaces. Sitting and/or rubbing against textured pool decks, cement and any rough edges can ruin the smooth texture of your swimwear.
  3. Avoid spas and saunas. Spas have very high levels of chlorine and higher temperatures, both of which will dramatically shorten the life of the fabric.
  4. Sunscreen, tanning oils and cosmetics can be harmful to swimsuits. Make sure to rinse and wash your swimwear as soon as possible if you do.
  5. Wash your swimwear by hand in cold or warm water. Always use a minimum amount of mild soap that is meant for delicate fabrics.
  6. Gently squeeze the water out of your swimwear after washing. Be gentle and do not wring or twist your swimsuit roughly, as this could ruin its shape.
  7. Dry your costume In a shaded and well ventilated area. Lay your swimsuit flat out to dry. By laying it flat, you will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and creases. Do not dry your swimwear in an electric dryer. Similar to electric washing machines, electric dryers can be too rough for the fragile material of swimwear.
  8. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean your swimsuit.
  9. Never leave your swimsuit rolled up in your towel. Leaving your wet swimsuit rolled up in a towel causing the moisture, darkness and heat to make bacteria to breed and this will eat away at the fabric, making your swimsuit perish faster.

When To Replace Your Costume

Despite the advances in fibre technology, chlorine will eventually deteriorate costume fabrics. When your costume begins to bag or feels looser than when it was new, it is time to replace your costume.

Yingfa Silicone Swim Caps - Blue  - Swim Cap  - BlueCap -   Caps

Wearing a swim cap has many advantages It keeps the heavily chlorinated pool water off your hair as well as your hair out of the pool filters. It's fairly easy to wear, and can reduce drag in competitive swim meets as well as looking stylish.

  1. Place the front edge of the cap against your forehead put your hands inside of your cap and slowly stretch it back over your head
  2. Tuck all of the extra hair inside your cap as you pull it over
  3. If you have long hair, put your hair in a ponytail or bun before putting the cap on to make it easier for yourself
  4. Put some baby powder inside the cap and shake all of the excess out If there is no baby powder available, water works just as well.
  5. Rinse cap with cold water after use.

GogglesYingfa Swim Goggle - Anti Fog Mirrored  - Swim Goggle  - Y2000AFM -

Try them onto your face. To do this, lift them up to your face like you would wear them. Press them against your eyes for a few seconds. Now, let go and do not touch them. Do not put on the goggle straps. These can be either adjusted to fit. You are after the fit to your face, which will decide their seal. If the goggles hold to your face for at least 5 seconds, they are well-shaped for your face and will provide a good seal. While most goggles will not stay on perfectly without the strap, you should not have to tighten the strap to the point of creating dark red circles around your eyes in order to get a good seal.

Mirrored goggles are good for outdoor swimming because of their dark tint. Take care to avoid scratches.

Rinse goggles with cold water after use.   

Yingfa Long Swim Jackets - Navy Blue  - Long Swim Jacket  - 027-2 -   Long Swim Jackets / Coats

While Yingfa Long Swim Jackets do not need to be washed after every use it is important that they be naturally dried between uses and stored on a hanger, well ventilated to aid air circulation. Otherwise the fabric may mildew and smell.

Gentle, cold water machine wash with a mild laundry detergent will give best results and ensure long life of the garment. After washing, turn the garment inside out to help dry the fleecy lining.

Zipper Operation:
Yingfa Jackets have a zipper with a double slider. This provides flexibility in how the jacket can be zipped.

Some owners report initial dificulty in operating the zipper. If you have trouble, start by ensuring both sliders are moved to the very bottom of the zip. Only then can the zip be engaged or disengaged properly.

If for a child, be sure to teach them the correct use of the zipper so they won't tear at it and damage the garment.

If still having trouble, give us a call.

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